Bruno's in Love

A full length feature film

Past Production
A romantic comedy starring Ohad Knoler, Shimrit Lustig, Michal Furas and Zvi Shissel.
In his thirties, Bruno's life is not so simple, even though he's rich, successful, intelligent and owns a hummus company, "Bruno's Hummus". But he's got a problem: he gets a fail mark in relationships. Anat, his current girlfriend (or "half a girlfriend" as he defines her) is desperately in love with him and eager to finally get a ring. But when he meets Rachel, a beautiful Jewish American "flower child" of 23, he's suddenly out of control. While his shrink is close to losing hope, Bruno is starting to feel a new organ - his heart. And he's afraid. "OK, so I fell in love with her, but how can I be sure she's the one? Isn’t there another "right girl?"
And maybe Anat is The One after all?
Written & directed by Ilan Heitner, Co-Writers: Amir Ben-Sira and Lior Kfir.
Photographer: Boaz Ya'akov, Editor: Joelle Alexis, Original music: Isar Shulman.