Crime drama from Dover Kosashvilli

In Production  

Multi-seasonal series - 48 min (Inspired by true events).
Developed in collaboration with Taz Films based on the idea of Mickey Schmidt.

Kallie and Inbal, two Israeli housewives, are called to Russia to rescue their kidnapped husbands for ransom. A series of moves they get with the Mafia, causing the deaths of their husbands and the two wish to revenge. When the moment comes Kali cheats at Inbal to save her father.

Kallie is the favorite daughter of a "businessman" (head of a criminal organization) identified as the successor and against all conventions of the patriarchal crime world, marked as heir to his business empire. Kallie, though trying her best to escape her father's predestined plans for her, finds herself reluctantly realizing his vision. She's just not built to stand by and watch the erosion and disintegration of the family business. Possessed, she endangers her world, sacrificing her ally and in a series of brilliant moves, runs a formidable and ruthless array, kills the supreme head of the Russian mob and places herself at the top.

The first season will focus on the ouster of the man who killed her husband and consolidating a position as a woman who controls a business empire.