Philly my Love

A full length feature film

In Production
A film based on the Israeli bestseller: “King of the Humus & Queen of the Bath” by Ilan Heitner.
Amir is a sensitive, confused Israeli guy of 30, who’s longing for true permanent happiness in life. He decides to go to New York to study film, and perhaps find a cure for his restless mind. There he meets Philly, 21, who’s special, bright and gorgeous, with a spark in her eyes and boundless energy. The two are swept into a magical love story. But Amir is still trapped in fantasies of the life he could have had if he was single…Just when he is willing to let go all his fantasies, he loses Philly, who leaves him after a wild, sensual New Year’s Eve in Costa Rica.
Amir sets out on a long cross-country journey to win her back. Finally, exhausted and empty, he finds her. But is his urge to be with her the real thing or just a fantasy again?