Prophet on the Run

50min. drama

Past Production
An urban odyssey spanning a single night in Tel Aviv, a desperate love story unfolding from dusk to dawn, against all odds.
Radoshinsky, a charismatic young guy meets D. a beautiful, mysterious young woman. Before long, their encounter leads them to the bedroom. But tempestuous D. has a surprising demand: she pulls out an old vinyl LP saying she can only have sex with him if the classic oldie “Prophet on the Run” is playing. His antique record player doesn’t work. Frustrated (and horny!) he has no choice but to go out into the night and find a record player. His bizarre quest takes him on a long and bumpy journey into Tel Aviv’s nightlife. Along the way, he meets a gallery of unusual characters, absurd yet human; like him, everyone’s searching for something - contact, meaning, or consolation and salvation in the terribly alienating night.  
Writer: Tomer Ganihar, Directors: Tomer Ganihar & Ido Berlad