Sabor Cubano

50min. documentary TV film

In Production
"The way you dance, is the way you live your life"
Eight Canadians, aged 25 to 50, who embody the mentality of uptight, conservative life so typical of affluent Western society, inwardly yearn to let go and live life to the fullest. They are going on a life-changing adventure to Cuba - a country where sex is as natural as brushing your teeth. Their mission - to rediscover their repressed passion and the power of unashamed sexuality that makes life far more exciting. It's an earthshaking process, combined with Havana's non-stop music, super sexy dance training, and seduction missions, in which they confront their most intimate issues and are provoked into abandoning their safe, familiar zones and splash their ordinary lives with a dash of "sabor" (in Spanish - “flavor” - the spark of life), perhaps to find a balance between the two worlds.