The Lost Princess

A full-length documentary film

In Production
Hedva Sela, a 50 year-old Israeli, reveals her deeply hidden family secret:
she is in fact the secret daughter of the deceased King of Morocco, Hassan II.
The stories once told in her Jewish Moroccan family that she is the King’s daughter were locked away, but now, for the first time, after five decades of silence,she decides to open the family’s Pandora box and reveal the truth.
She travels to Belgium, France and Morocco in search of evidence that can verify the unbelievable story of her mother, who – as a stunning, mature girl of 15 in 1950’s Morocco - had a secret romance with the heir to the throne. After years of being a neglected child and the family’s black sheep, Hedva hopes to win approval and recognition. Against all odds, she hopes to fulfill her dream of visiting the Royal Palace in Morocco, and meeting her brothers and sisters.