Wisdom of the Pretzel

A full length feature film

Past Production
A sharp and lively cinematic adaptation of a best-selling book, that became the ultimate cult, written and directed by Ilan Heitner.

Golan, a Tel Aviv guy of almost 30, was supposed to be a married CEO who holds birthday parties for friends, with spinach quiches. Instead, he resists growing up and falls in love with an irresistible, cheeky girl, who happens to be his best friend’s sister. She’s the first to show him what “real life” is all about. But sometimes living “life” seems more difficult than giving life up.

Starring: Guy Loel, Osnat Hakim, Benni Avni, Yoram Sachs, Shay Werker, Orit Sher
Editor: Joelle Alexis, Photographer: Oded Kirma, Original music: Ophir Leibowitz